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Founded in 2012

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We are a leading service provider for laser-based sensor solutions.

In brief, our range of laser sensor applications covers the followings:

- Automatic Swing/ Slide/ Revolving Doors for Pedestrian
- Carpark/ Vehicle Gates and Barriers
- Industrial/ Security/ Warehouse Gates and Doors
- Perimeter Protection and Smart Security System
- Highway and Tunnel Toll Gates
- Vehicle Classification and Height Detection

Designed and built to meet the highest safety, accuracy and architectural requirements.
About Us

Vehicle Classification


Vehicle classification is an application that can be found on all types of vehicles passageways, such as motorways, main highways, car parks, and access roads leading to rest areas. The main objective is to detect the different types of vehicles (light vehicles, heavy goods vehicles, motorcycles, etc.) in order to optimize infrastructures and increase the return on toll gates in accordance with traffic flows.

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Vehicle Height Detection


Overheight vehicles put other road users at risk and cause major damage to the high value infrastructures. By accurately measuring the height of any moving vehicle, the application can effectively prevent collisions between overheight vehicles and their overhead obstacles. In most cases it only takes the prevention of one significant impact to pay for an entire over height detection system therefore the return on investment can be very fast.

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From idea, planning, design, installation, testing, commissioning to on-going support services, our engineers work closely with the client to ensure our proposed products and solutions are properly set up and maintained to deliver their intended applications.

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