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Laser Sensor

A laser sensor is a measurement value recorder working with laser technology and turning the physical measured value into an analogue electrical signal. This means that the laser sensor is conceived for contactless measurement. Working based on the triangulation principle, a laser sensor can be used to detect the presence, absence, or distance of an object.



Application: Revolving Doors

Radar & Active Infrared Sensor

An infrared (IR) sensor is an electronic device that measures and detects infrared radiation in its surrounding environment. Having a light emitting diode (LED) and a receiver, an IR sensor emits and detects infrared radiation simultaneously. When an object comes close to the sensor, the infrared light from the LED reflects off of the object and is detected by the receiver.

Active IR sensors act as proximity sensors, and they are commonly used in obstacle detection systems (such as in robots).



Application: Motion & Presence Sensor for Industrial Doors/ Vehicle Access Rising Barriers/ Vehicle Access Gates

Induction Loops

An induction or inductive loop is an electromagnetic communication or detection system which uses a moving magnet or an alternating current to induce an electric current in a nearby wire. They are used for transmission and reception of communication signals, or for detection of metal objects in metal detectors or vehicle presence indicators.



Application: Induction Loops Controller for Detecting Vehicles and Metallic Objects/ Vehicle Access Rising Barriers/ Vehicle Access Gates