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Every application might require a different technology.

Very often it is not immediately clear which sensor type and their positioning are best suited for the control or measurements on a particular layout and environmental condition. There are many variables involved. The choice of suitable sensors is a challenge even for experienced engineers.

We have extensive industry expertise and know what has to be considered in designing a laser sensor application. Our expert engineering team will be glad to assist you.

  • Our engineers will analyze your requirements alongside with a site check.
  • Then we will define the ideal parameters, help you to find the right sensor solution.
  • We'll work out a ballpark figure for the costs concerned.

Our systems are delivered according to the user specification and requirements.

Our team of experienced engineers is deployed to the site to install and set up our systems. And we do not finish here. We are ready to provide comprehensive support at every level of business during system commissioning.

  • Configuring, calibrating, and testing.
  • Provide training to facility managers and users with on-site instructions.
  • Live operation hand-holding.

A robust sourcing network.

Throughout these years, we have been building up a robust sourcing network that distinguishes our offerings and gives us an edge over our competitors.

  • The network connects partners across multiple fields in laser sensor applications.
  • A wide range of global and local suppliers that offers products, components and integration expertise.
  • Able to meet the needs and requirements for varieties and scales of projects.

Transforming off-the-shelf laser devices into bespoke solutions.

We’ve worked with clients both large and small to provide software customization service for them to get more out of the solutions. By transforming off-the-shelf laser devices into bespoke solutions, the possibilities to further increase productivity are numerous.

  • A tailored-made software allows users to acquire real-time scan and data for analysis and visualization.
  • Critical values can be calculated and reported instantly.
  • In any event when they reach the level or point at which attentions are needed, an alert can be sent to the responsible person automatically.

Reliable and timely response.

Since many of our sensor applications and their components are disposed in outdoor or even very harsh environmental conditions, inevitably damage will occur. Our support and maintenance service provides fast and reliable repair as long as clients need us.

  • Original manufacturers' spare parts.
  • Full system documentations and checklists enable rapid initial assistance with your maintenance personnel.
  • Our support is available to clients around the clock via telephone, remote and on-site service, as required.


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